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Monday - Thursday 9:00AM - 3:00PM

PO Box 47, 108 Main Street, Falls Village CT 06031

Phone: (860) 824-0707 Fax: (860) 824 4506

 April 18, 2019  
 GovernmentTown DepartmentsRegistrar of Voters   

The Registrars follow the statutes and laws of the Secretary of The State which are monitored by the State’s Election Enforcement Commission. The registrars budget is established and supported
by the town.

The Registrars’ of Voters are responsible for running local, state, and federal elections , referenda, and primaries for the town while adhering to state election laws.

Maintaining the voter database for the town through voter registration and a yearly canvass is integral to the voting process and also follows state election laws.
Office of the Registrars
Carole K. McGuire (D), Registrar

Susan J. Kelsey (R), Registrar

Wednesday 9AM - 12PM
Phone: (860)824-0707 Ext. 18  
Fax: (860)824-4506 
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