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 February 22, 2019  
 GovernmentTown DepartmentsElected Boards   


Board of Assessment Appeals (4-yr Term)

Louis G. Timolat (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

Susan J. Kelsey (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Tami Lois Reed (U) Term Exp. Nov. 2017



Board of Education, Kellogg (4-yr Term)

Dominick A. Caiati,  Jr. (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

Nancy Hennessy (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Rachel E. Gall (U) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Lara D. Mittaud (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Laura W. Werntz (U) Term Exp. Nov. 2015


Board of Education, Region One (2-yr Term)

Andrea Downs (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2015


Board of Finance (6-yr Term)

Thomas R. Grayson (R) Co-chair Term Exp. Nov. 2019

John B. Allyn (R) Co-chair Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Kent C. Allyn (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

Erica Joncyk (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2019

Brenda L. Nielson (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Louis G. Timolat (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Henry W. Todd (D), alternate Term Exp. Nov. 2019


Constables (2-yr Term) Term Exp Nov. 2015

Susan Kelsey (R) Ellery Sinclair (R)

Louis Timolat (R) Tim Downs (R)

F. George Anastasio (D) Lonnie Carter (D)

Patrick S. Hafner (D)


Planning and Zoning Commission (5-yr Term), 8 members


Frederick J. Laser (D), Chairman Term Exp. Dec. 2014

Joel E. Bronson (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2013

Ruth E. Skovron (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2014

Thomas M. Scott (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2016

Gregory B. Bidou (R) Term Exp. Dec. 2016

Stephen A. Koshland (U) Term Exp. May  2016

Alice N. Macchi (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2013


Vincent J. Inconiglios (D) Term Exp. May  2016

Greg D. Marlowe (R) Term Exp. May  2015

Adam L. Sher (D) Term Exp. May  2017


Zoning Board of Appeals (4-yr Term)

Patrick S. Hafner (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

John P. Holland (D), Chairman Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Ruth G. Giumarro (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Dennis S. Jasmine (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

Ellery W. Sinclair (R) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

MaryLu Sinclair, Clerk of the Board Term Exp. Nov. 2015


Richard Heinz (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2017

Stephen J. Dean (U) Term Exp. Nov. 2015

Barbara C. Riley (D) Term Exp. Nov. 2015



Zoning Enforcement Officer: 

Michael O. O’Neil - appointed 4/01/2006

Cell Phone: 860-689-3858

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