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PO Box 47, 108 Main Street, Falls Village CT 06031

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 February 22, 2019  
 GovernmentTown DepartmentsAppointed Commissions   


Animal Control Officer - Mary M. Palmer, Appointed 9/29/2010


Building Inspector - Ernest Sinclair, Appointed 9/15/2005

Building Code Appeals Representative - Eugene F. Wright


Burning Official - Stanley MacMillan, Jeffrey J. Jasmine


Emergency Management Director - Michelle McGuire, Appointed 11/5/2012


Communication Towers - Ellery W. Sinclair, Coordinator of Information


Falls Village Day Care/Extended Day Care Center

Melissa Lopes, Chairman

Maria Bulson, Vice Chairman

Colleen Foley, Secretary

Alice E. Soenksen, Erica Joncyk, Bobbie Anderson


Shannon Hamilton Ruane, Director

Carrie Riley, Assistant Director


Falls Village Railroad Depot Project, 44 Railroad Street

Judy Jacobs - Project Coordinator


Falls Village Energy Task Force

Lara Mittaud, Chair

Jean Bronson, Secretary

Kay Schrenk

Vance Cannon

Laura Munson


Fire Marshal, Stanley MacMillan, Jr. (860) 364-5758, Assistant Daryl Byrne


Fire Chief, David A. Seney


Fire Commission(3 year appointment)

David A. Seney (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2013

Fay H. Lawson (R) Term Exp. Dec. 2015

Hazel K. McGuire (R) Term Exp. Dec. 2013

Kevin M. Pollard (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2015


Haystack Cablevision Advisory Committee - Ellery W. Sinclair


Historian, Town - Elizabeth Clark


Historical Society - Falls Village/Canaan

Judy Jacobs, President

Crystalle Carlson & Jeremy Dakin, Vice Presidents

Charles Lemmen, Treasurer

Lillian Lovett, Secretary


Housatonic River Commission

Ellery W. Sinclair

Karl L. Munson, alternate


Housatonic Youth Services Bureau

Cynthia Bianchi, Director

Diane C. Carlson, Town Representative

Lisa R. Harmon, Town Representative


Inland Wetland commission (5 year appointment)

Susan J. Kelsey (R) Term Exp. Dec. 2013

Ellery W. Sinclair (R) Term Exp. Dec. 2013

Mark Burdick (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2015

Brant L. Burz (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2015


Impounded Vehicles - Michael S. DeMazza


Library(D.M. Hunt) Board of Directors

Garth Kobal, President 2015

Zoe Fedorjaczenko, Secretary 2015

Rebecca Juchert-Derungs, Treasurer 2015

George Elling 2015

Elizabeth Clark 2014

Sharon Pilz 2015

Barbara Deinhardt 2013

Leone Young 2015

Greg Marlowe 2015

Ellery Sinclair 2014


Erica Joncyk, Executive Director

Megan Sher, Asst. Director

Rita Delgado, Children’s Librarian

Akke Jasmie-DeVlas, Assistant Librarian


Litchfield Travel Council - Janet L. Serra, Cheryl Pecha


Northwest CT Council of Governments

Patricia A. Mechare - Nov. 2005 - present


Northwest CT Regional Housing Council

Stephen Anthony Koshland


Northwest CT Regional Planning Commission

Christopher S. Kinsella


Northwest Regional Tourism District - Vacancy


Sanitarian - Torrington Area Health District


Planning and Zoning Commission (5-yr Term), 8 members


Frederick J. Laser (D), Chairman Term Exp. Dec. 2014

Joel E. Bronson (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2013

Ruth E. Skovron (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2014

Thomas M. Scott (D) Term Exp. Dec. 2016

Gregory B. Bidou (R) Term Exp. Dec. 2016

Stephen A. Koshland (U) Term Exp. May  2016

Alice N. Macchi (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2013


Vincent J. Inconiglios (D) Term Exp. May  2016

Greg D. Marlowe (R) Term Exp. May  2015

Adam L. Sher (D) Term Exp. May  2017


Recreation Commission (3 year appointment)

Elizabeth J. Howie (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2015

Margaret Caiati (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2015

Nicholas H. Boyden (U) Term Exp. May  2015

Rebecca Lea Curtis (R) Term Exp. May  2013

Roberta A. Scott (D) Term Exp. May  2013


John C. Hart (U) Term Exp. Dec. 2014


Sexton of Cemeteries, Kent Allyn, Appointed for Town Cemeteries, Joseph J. Brien for Grassy Hill Cemetery


Town Counsel - Attorney Judith Dixon


Town Highway Crew

Timothy R. Downs, DPW, Manager

David Kelsey, Gary Bottum, Jr., Roberty Foley


Tree Warden - Thomas M. Scott


Water Commission (3  year appointment)

Superintendent: Dennis Jacobs

William S. Blass

David James Blass


Visiting Nurse & Home Care Northwest INC

Dr. Carl Bornemann

Sharon A. Pilz, Representative


Zoning Enforcement Officer, Michael Own O’Neil, Appointed 4/01/2006


*Affordable Housing - Vacancy

*Transit District - vacancy

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